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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does the coil always return to shape? 

The short answer is yes.  Under normal use in most situations, the coil will quickly return to its original shape.  However, if you excessively stretch the leash in length for a long time, it may take a while to get back to its original shape.  Just be patient.  We recommend storing your leashes not stretched.  If for some reason your coiled leashes are unsatisfactory to you, please email us at and we will make it right.  


2.   Will the coil lose its shape? 

The coil may slightly increase in diameter when exposed to relatively high heat.  It may also temporarily take on a funny shape if it was stored awkwardly, but it will go back to its normal shape once given a little time.   


3.  Why do you use monofilament?

We use monofilament because we trust it.  The ends of the mono are flared or pressed flat prior to crimping so that there is no way for the mono to pull through the crimp when your gear is on the line.  We use LindgrenPitman 1200lb Primeline because it's what the professionals use when their livelihood is on the line.  


4.  Which carabiner should I select?

It comes down to personal preference.  The D style carabiner is slightly flared at the end, which makes the effective diameter a touch over 1/4".  We have had one report of one reel attachment point not fitting and one rod holder backing plate attachment ring being slightly too small for the D carabiner.  All of the carabiners should fit all of the standard reel attachment points furnished with all trolling reels.  


5.  Should I select the looped end or the double-carabiner style?

Again, this one is generally personal preference.  If you are attaching your leash to a cleat, then either one works just fine.  If you are attaching your leash to the attachment ring provided on some rod holder backing plates, then you should select the double-carabiner style in A, B, or C.  


6.  I have a problem with my reel leash.  What should I do?

Please contact us via email at to inform us of your problem.  We will work with you to make it right.